Blocked Drains

Of all the reasons to contact a plumber, a blocked drain is the most common. From dealing with an overflowing sink, or shower, to the foul smells that are causing a block in your kitchen sink, calling Glen Iris Plumbing is a no-brainer. We are here to help you with any of the issues associated with having a blocked drain, and our goal is to get your pipes operating like they should be as quickly as possible.

Some common signs you may find associated with a blocked drain include:

Bad smell coming from the drain.
This usually indicates something is stuck and decaying in your pipes, resulting in an awful smell that needs to be addressed.
Overflowing sink
It can be quite startling to see the water rising in your shower or sink without a plug. When things aren’t going right, call Glen Iris Plumbing to get your drains unblocked fast.
Slow Drainage
After using your shower, bath, or sink, you may notice that the water takes a while to go down the drain. This is an indication of the early stages of a blocked drain. Calling Glen Iris Plumbing before the issue gets too bad will save you time, money, and a whole heap of stress.